Life-saving equipment for the club and community

By Rhian Burgess | 05/07/2017

Big thanks to everyone who turned out for the presentation of and training for the new club defibrillator at Abergwili.

We're delighted to be the recipients of this brand new piece of life-saving equipment which has generously been provided by the Nolan Charity Fund & Welsh Hearts, who work hand in hand for the benefit of worthy causes in Wales.

Welsh Hearts is responsible for placing defibrillators in communities and delivering CPR and defibrillator training across Wales aimed at drastically improving the chances of survival for those that have cardiac arrests outside of hospital where the first few minutes are absolutely crucial in saving lives.

Although we hope never to have to use it, we're very grateful to have this piece of equipment available for everyone using the training facility at Abergwili, as well as members of the local community.

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