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By Steve Jenkins | 19/11/2017

It is not  usually time for an update on progress and some will say it is easy to write when you are getting results.


The purpose of the few words though is to highlight the good work and strength that we have developed as a club. Head Coach Rich Kelly has led his team to develop an excellent brand of rugby, with great squad depth.


We have made our ambitions clear in the Premiership West and they were to develop a squad capable of challenging in the Premiership in the New Year. How we perform remains to be seen, but one things for sure we all await it with great expectation.


When you reflect on our game with Swansea on Friday 17th November 2017, I would ask you think about the following rather than the result:


·         The average age of the 23 man squad was 23 years of age.

·         There were no Scarlets in the squad, senior or academy.

·         We had 5 teenagers in the squad; two props that started the game were 18 years of age.

·         12 of the match day 23 were 22 years of age or under.

·         On the night of the game we were proud to see Quins players Dale Ford, Morgan Griffiths, Steff Phillips and Torin Myhill representing the Scarlets in the LV cup.

·         In that fixture Scarlets placed players at the Quins Scott Lloyd, Josh Helps, Javan Sebastian, Steff Thomas also appeared.


We have had to show patience to help achieve some of the above in terms of results on the field, but with great depth developing what an exciting few months we have to look forward to.


Look forward to seeing you at our next home game versus RGC for what should be an early Christmas cracker!!



Steff Thomas


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