Team Manager Announcement

By Steve Jenkins | 22/05/2018

As the dust begins to settle, just a bit of exciting news in that our coaching team will be strengthened next season to ensure we are ready for a huge season. 

Emyr Phillips will be joining our coaching team. We are still finalising the details of roles and responsibilities for next year, but Emyr will be Head Coach. 

Rich Kelly has quite rightly had the recognition he deserves but due to work committments he is stepping down, however being the #mightyquin that he is, he has pledged to continue working with us this year despite the challenges around his time. 

We are lucky to have retained all our other coaching staff (Aled, Crags, Geth, Rich H, Jac) and in my opinion have the best young coaching team in the Premiership. 

Let’s make Emyr feel welcome, give him a true Quins welcome. 

Steff Thomas (Team Manager)


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