A Letter of Thanks from the President

Dear Q150 Member,

May I on behalf of all associated with the Carmarthen Quins say how grateful I am of
your financial support of the Quins by you being a member of the Q150 Club.

I know that things are not easy out there at the moment and the finances are being
attacked from all directions.

However, I do believe that should everyone cease contributing to any community
cause then that would be the end of local life as we are privileged to know it.

I can assure that no money received from Q150 members goes to any players pockets
but is invested in various projects to keep the club attractive and inviting to all

Some of the recent expenditures have been:

  • A brand new super duper till system for Dennis in the bars
  • Recovering of 130 chairs also in the Morfa Suite
  • A new carpet for the upstairs Morfa Suite chosen by House Chairman Mr Philip Webb
  • A new carpet for the Three Captains Lounge
  • An extra-large screen in the Morfa Suite
  • Refurbishing the toilet facilities

And more;

  • New furnishings in the lodge next door which we have now leased from the Town Council
  • Bar stools for the Members and Players Bar
  • Painting of the various rooms, Morfa, and other Bars
  • A new CCTV facility for security purposes
  • A new plasma television in the Three Captains Lounge
  • A new boiler system for supplying hot water to the showers in the Quins Abergwili
    Playing Fields changing rooms

These are some of the more recent expenditures that, as a result of your generosity,
we have been able to do and please, always ask what we are doing with your money.

Please remember that we also return to yourselves a substantial amount in the form
of a monthly draw and various little perks. Please refer to the website and notice
there are some new additional benefits.

May I again thank you for your unfailing support and please realise that you as a
member own the Club as much as anyone else.

Kind regards
Brian Jones