Club Officials – Introduction

 Club Officials for Carmarthen Quins

Chairmen/Honorary Secretaries/Treasurers

Creating lists of club officials – Chairmen; Honorary Secretaries & Treasurers would be a fairly straight forward process if I had access to club documents such as past committee meeting minutes. Sadly they do not exist and that has made the task that much more difficult.

Season Fixture Cards usually include a list of club officials and names of team captains but the club has not saved them either. Fortunately, Mr Gwilym Beynon who played for the 1st XV from 1957 to 1973 captained the team in the 1970/71 season and was the club’s chairman in the 1979/80 season has saved all fixture cards since 1955. Access to these cards has meant that we can be fairly sure we know who all our officials have been during that period.

Searching through past newspaper reports on microfilm is the only other means of obtaining such information but this is a very hit or miss affair. However, I have had some success having found reference to several officials in reports from 1874 to 1920. The on line service from the National Library of Wales, has made this task much easier but the service does not go any further than the year 1920. When looking at each list it seems fairly obvious that we are missing some names from 1920 to 1944. If anyone has fixture cards for any of these seasons (or even prior to 1920) then I would be glad to borrow them or to be informed of names of officials contained in them.

I am especially grateful to Mr Peter Owens, Rugby Administration Manager at the Welsh Rugby Union who kindly checked the names of the club’s Honorary Secretaries for me in the WRU offices’ collection of handbooks.

There are 6 committee photographs included in this feature and if anyone has a committee photograph that is not in our collection then we would be delighted to add it.

I have also included a pencil portrait of W.D. H. (Bill) Sandbrook, Honorary Secretary from 1948 to 1967.

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