1913/14 Annual General Meeting


 SEASON 1913/14  –  2nd May 1913


(By kind permission of the Carmarthen Journal)


On Tuesday evening last week, Mr. D. King presided over the annual general meeting of the Carmarthen Harlequins Rugby Football Club, which was held at the Crown Restaurant, King-street, Carmarthen. The treasurer (Mr. Stanley Isaac) presented his report, which showed that the club was in a very satisfactory financial position. The Chairman observed that from the balance-sheet it would be gauged that the public had appreciated the football provided them by the ‘Quins. Following the motion of Mr. A. G. Evans, the balance-sheet was adopted and Messrs. B. Evans and C. R. Williams, County Offices, were appointed to audit the accounts. Mr. T .H. Jenkins, the Secretary presented his report as follows:-

“The Carmarthen Harlequins have played 29 games, out of which 16 were won; 8 drawn, and 5 lost. Total number of points:-For ‘231; against, 63. Twenty home matches were played, out of which twelve were won, five drawn, and three lost.  Away games: Nine played, 4 won. 3 drawn, 2 lost.

The ‘Quins crossed their opponent’s line 63 times, whilst the Harlequin line was only crossed on fourteen occasions. They notched 15 converted goals, 48 tries against 4 goals; 10 tries by their opponents making a majority of 11 goals, 38 tries. Three penalty goals and one dropped goal have been scored against the ‘Quins, whilst the Carmarthen boys have scored one dropped and two penalty goals.

The top scorer throughout the season was Henry Thomas, the popular right wing, who has 16 tries to his credit. J. J. Lewis (captain), the versatile centre three-quarter, comes a good second with 13 tries whilst the following have also notched tries:- I.T. Davies (wing), 7; Charlie Davies (forward) 5;

  1. R. Bowen and D. Williams (forwards) 5 each; W. J. Harries and Albert Davies (forwards) Lewis Thomas (wing) and C. Gwynne Lewis (outside-half) 2 apiece; Edwin Davies, Arthur Watson, Jack Richards and Oriel Morgan (forwards), T. Andrews and W. G. Brunker (wings), and Thos. Roberts (centre)1 apiece. J. J. Lewis has kicked two penalty goals, dropped a goal, and converted six tries.
  2. Thomas and T. Roberts have converted four tries; whilst A. Watson added the extra points in one instance. The Chairman remarked that all would well be proud of this record.

The meeting decided that matches should be played on Christmas Day, but not on Good Friday. The Chairman said he would like to congratulate the players on the excellent way in which they had played throughout the whole season. The Harlequins provided the public of Carmarthen and district with clean, scientific, genuine football and were more than worthy of the support that had been accorded them. Now that the ‘Quins were being affiliated to the Welsh Football Union, next season’s encounters under the patronage of the W.F. U. will be well worth witnessing. He again thanked the players, who had been so ably led by Mr. J. J. Lewis, supported by Mr. Del Evans. On the motion of Mr. A. A. Baskerville, the Mayor of Carmarthen (Mr. J. B. Arthur) was unanimously re- elected president of the club. The secretary and treasurer were re-appointed to their respective positions with acclamation and were heartily thanked for their past services.

A committee consisting of twelve gentlemen were appointed as follows:- Mr. D. King 23 votes); Messrs. D. H. Davies. I. J. Nicholls, A. A. Baskerville, and E. G. Evans (22); D. Rees (21): Stephen Davies (20); J. John (18); T. Morris, J. O. Morgan, and W. J. Lewis (17), and D. J. Davies (15). The Selection Committee was appointed as follows:- Messrs. D. King, I. J. Nicholls, A. A. Baskerville. E. G. Evans and D. Rees. The election of captain was left until the commencement of the season.  A hearty vote of thanks to the Chairman for the able manner in which he had discharged his duties terminated the meeting.