A Step Back in Time Report 1920/21 v Pill Harriers


(By Percy Jones)

SEASON 1920/21

Carmarthen Quins 3pts;  Pill Harriers 3pts.


Easter Monday, 28TH March 1921

(By kind permission of the Carmarthen Journal)


Under conditions far from advantageous to football, the most important match of the season was played at the Park on Easter Monday. Despite the inclement weather quite a large number of spectators braved the elements and witnessed a game conspicuous throughout for thrilling incidents. That the Pill Harriers would emerge victorious no one doubted, but for the Quins to have drawn with a team of the calibre of the visitors is an achievement unparalleled in the club’s history. The Carmarthenshire Band (under the conductorship of Mr O. Brunt) was in attendance and enlivened matters with various selections. The referee was Mr. T. O. Griffiths, Llanelly.


Pill Harriers fielded first in white accompanied by their mascot a white Pomeranian. The Quins soon followed to a burst of tumultuous cheering and they too had a mascot. The Quins kicked off and a scrum was immediately formed in the visitors’ 25 from which they heeled cleanly transferring play to the home territory where Gerwyn Davies saved with a timely kick. The home line was soon in danger for a kick by Gerwyn Davies was charged down and the Harriers all but scored. Henry Thomas broke away and play was taken to the Harriers 25. Again, aided by a strong wind, and after an excellent bout of passing, the home line was in jeopardy.


Judicious kicking and fine dribbling brought play to the half-way line where Victor Davies dribbled and Henry Thomas receiving made a fine but unsuccessful shot at goal. The whistle had, however, been blown for an infringement previously and a scrum was ordered. The Harriers again assumed the offensive and passing by their backs took them to the home line where a visitor unsuccessfully dropped for goal. Charlie Lewis headed a rush and the pressure on the Quins line was relieved. Misunderstanding and faulty handling by Charlie Evans and Jack Davies enabled the visiting right wing (Blackborough) to dribble over the line and score in the right hand corner. The extra points were not added. This reverse seemed to infuse into the play of the Quins and repeated attacks were made upon the Harriers headed by Wilfred and Charlie Lewis but the strong wind and fine kicking on the part of the visitors continually put the Quins on the defensive. But time after time Henry Thomas relieved. Half-time came with the score: – Pill harriers one try (3 points); Carmarthen Quins, nil.


The Quins restarted finely and for some time kept their opponents in their own territory. From a scrum near the line, Jamsie Lewis recovered and dashed over to the delight of the Harlequins supporters. He, however, failed to majorise. Play hovered in midfield and from a huge kick by Victor Davies, Gerwyn Davies followed up and touched down but the referee for some reason or other decided otherwise and ordered a kick out. Jamsie again put the Quins in a good attacking position but again they were driven back. A few minutes later, the home team forced their opponents to concede a minor. For the first time this half the Harriers succeeded in invading the home territory but Gerwyn Davies again saved grandly.


The Quins soon took up the attack and initiated a bout of passing which broke down when there appeared every likelihood of their crossing the line. In attempting to save at a critical moment, H. Thomas got hurt but soon resumed. For the last ten minutes of the game, the visitors played seven forwards. The Quins followed suit taking Walton out of the scrum but neither side profited to any appreciable degree. The final whistle blew with the score: – Pill Harriers, 1 try (3 points); Carmarthen Quins, 1 try (3 points).

The teams were as follows:-

Pill Harriers: –  Marshall; R. Carney; F. Baker; W. Jones; J. Blackborough; F. Manslip; S. Manslip; Casey (Capt.); Lynch; Bruce; Friend; Spark; Gough; Walsh and Lenahan.

Quins:- Charlie Evans; Gerwyn Davies; H. Thomas; Victor Davies; Reg Phillips; J. J. Lewis (Capt.); S. Lewis; Charlie Davies; W. J. Harries; W. Walton; Ernie Morris; Wilfred Lewis; Charlie Lewis; Fred Harries and Jack Davies.