Club Presidents – Introduction




By searching through reports in the Welshman and Carmarthen Journal on-line and on microfilm, I have come across names of Presidents of the Quins which, as a club we were simply not aware of. Further research will need to be carried out between 1920 and 1944 to identify any other presidents not known to us. The on-line service by the National Library of Wales ( stopped at 1920 so any further research will be on microfilm only. That, I am afraid, will have to wait for another day.

Some of the early club presidents were very prominent citizens of the borough having been town mayors, aldermen or town councillors. I am indebted to staff at the Town Council offices for having allowed me to copy photographs of presidents who were Town Mayors and a special thanks to M/s Margaret Evans for all her help in advising me how to make the best use of the on-line service and for so often pointing me in the right direction.

My thanks also to the staff at Ungoed Thomas and King Solicitors for the loan of their portrait of David King and to the staff at the local library for all their help in my research on microfilm.

More recently Sheldon Phillips and Mary Thorley have used their own skills in on-line research to provide me with more names of club presidents who took on this role in the club’s early years. They also discovered personal details of quite a few presidents which I have added to their individual profiles. That kind of assistance is really much appreciated. The Quins now also have a new web site provider and I am extremely grateful to Hugh Griffiths for his patience and guidance in helping me with the technical side of how to work it. He has also been active in helping me with complex issues which I have yet to master.

The photographs in my section on Club Presidents are on display at the clubhouse and the collection will be added to when more names/photographs become known to us.

Please click on this link to access the Presidents Board

Up-dated January 2021