A Step Back in Time Report 1891/92 v Llandeilo Away



(By Percy Jones)


(By kind permission of the Carmarthen Journal)





. . . FOOTBALL.- Carmarthen Wanderers met the home 1st fifteen on the latter’s ground on Saturday. Llandilo was not so strongly represented as usual; indeed, the team was greatly weakened by the absence of such capital players as Picton Philips, W L Roberts, Morgan Richards (backs), and Edward Cobner (the captain) and D Richards (forwards).

In the face of such untoward circumstances the success of the homesters on the encounter is greatly enhanced, and therefore they deserve more credit for the onslaughter they effected on their opponents. Carmarthen won the toss, and choose to play up the gradient with a strong wind in their favour. Play settled down in mid-territory, and for the first 10 minutes nothing of note transpired. Eventually. the home forwards went in for loose play, and made treadway for the opponents’ goal with the ball between their feet, but their bold attempt to reach the visitors’ citadel was frustrated, and they were temporarily repulsed and driven back between the home 25 and the central flag.

Prominent in that was the play of Harry Lewis son of the visitors’ three-quarters, who made a strong run and an admirable kick. From the line out D John Davies had possession of the ball, and commenced good dribbling down the gradient, aided by J Jones, Christopher Thomas, Daniel Morgan and A Fox, but a Carmarthen three-quarter came to the rescue, and planted the ball in touch near the opponents’ 25 flag. From a scrum the home half-backs (D 0 Jones and Willie Davies) made repeated admirable attempts to get over, but were under keen vigilance.

Out of loose play the leather was handed to Charles Thomas, and transferred to Morgan Thomas, who made a splendid run, and secured a try near the corner flag. The kick for goal was entrusted to the latter, but he failed to convert, owing to a difficult angle, despite a good attempt.

 Carmarthen re-commenced operations, and following up the ball well, prevented a return, and took the oval further up to the home territory when certain scoring was apparent, but owing to too hard kicks on the part of some of their forwards, it only resulted in a minor. The home team kicked out, and by good combination took the ball to near the central flag. From there D 0 Jones, together with some of forwards, carried it further up at a good dribble to near the visitors’ 25. Pursuing their course, D 0 Jones and Willie Davies showed excellent play, which resulted in the former getting over the coveted line very cleverly, and scoring a try. The position for securing the major point was a fairly good one, but the wind played havoc with Morgan Thomas’s well-directed kick to obtain it.

Nothing daunted the Carmarthenites, who restarted operations with renewed vigour, but they were soon put on the defensive, and had to concede a minor to the homsters. Half-time was then soon called. The play in the second half was not so brilliant as in the first, and was characteristic mainly for a series of “scrums.” The scores in this half was a minor each, and at the last call of time the result stood – Llandilo 2 tries and 2 minors; Carmarthen 2 minors.

 E A Roberts, who invariably proves himself an excellent “half” or “three-quarters,” had no opportunities on this occasion as “three” to “show up” in his old style, probably owing to the halves monopolising most of his work. T C Thomas and Smith had also no chances. The play of D 0 Jones and W Davies were brilliant. Jack Jones, D J Davies, and Christopher Thomas gave evidence that they were a trio of really capital forwards. Closely following them are Daniel Morgan, Willie Stephens, Alfred Fox, H G Davies, and H Thomas. The new and youthful back (George Davies) had but little to do, but when called upon was quite equal to the task. The referee was O Thomas.