Special Tie Awards – 100+ Introduction


Special Tie Awards for Quins 1st XV players with over 100 appearances


The Quins Committee decided in the 2014/05 season to introduce special tie awards to players who have made 100 or more appearances for the club’s 1st XV. With access to Keith Thomas’ record books (1965-1995) and with Alan Bowen’s statistical records 1996 to the present, I managed to produce a list of players who have made 400/300/200 or 100+ 1st XV appearances. 

Only one player has achieved the 400 mark and three have the distinction of having made more than 300 appearances. Eighteen players have so far achieved 200+ (with a few of our current 1st XV not far from this figure) and to date 64 players are on the 100+ appearances list.

Trying to get as many of these players as possible to come together for an evening at the club to formally present them with their tie was not something we felt we could achieve. As an alternative, groups of ex-players have attended home matches to join the Quins Supporters Club in sponsoring at least two home matches each season. We have allocated time before sitting down for lunch to present players with their ties. To date, 36 players have had their ties presented to them. (Anyone interested in joining us on our Quins supporters days are warmly welcomed. To attend, please get in touch with me at jpjones@talktalk.net).

I have included in this feature a photograph of each player as they appeared in a team photograph and a photograph of them being presented with their tie. For one or two players who now live a long way from Carmarthen, I can post a tie to them hoping to get a photograph back from them holding their respective ties.

We will continue to make contact with ex-players in the hope they can join us and hopefully in a few years time, we will have managed to present ties to most of those on our list.


Percy Jones

Club Archivist

January 2018